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Discipline Before Honor is a Netflix pitch pilot film  looking to fill  supporting role slots ASAP: The production team are looking for the following


(Luther Briggs)

Younger and protective brother of Mia Briggs. Looking for Age 24-26 light skin male who will do anything to protect his family. Luther is studying to becoming lawyer as he faces some very questionable challenges. 

(Meeka Barnes) 

Ages 24-28

is a young woman who is an inspiring rapper,dancer, and curvy model just like her older sister ,Grace Barnes. Meeka faces moments with friendships-loyal and disloyal. She is currently figuring out who is really for her and she won’t quit until she makes it to the top but while she come up will she have honor or dishonesty ?

(Lola Simpleton)

Ages 21-23

-Lola character is a supporting role scene with a Naïve Personality trait focusing on living life and uplifting her friend but at times chooses poor choices of words and may come off a bit racist with out even knowing it. A brief story about Lola and her friendship with Kelly Bigs, she discovers different things on how to approach her friend and see a person's different point of view but will she apply her new learning to her life or will she ignore it?


(Lisa Gates-)

Friend and music Artist manager of Grace Barnes and she doesn't have time for games. Her loyalty and friendship gets tested but does she remain loyal to Grace Barnes or does she drift off ?

Age 25-30 Female 


(Blanco aka Elliott Gooden)

Age 28-34

Fraternal l twin brother of officer Eddie: Street dude, drug dealer and shooter, with a misunderstanding perception. He comes back from something which is hard to look into some people eyes, Blanco faces his challenge through a thin glass when he receives disturbing news. 




Discipline before Honor will be focusing on seven (7) main characters within the Entertainment and street business.. Business owner and retired drug dealer Steven Miles, known in the streets as SCAR,(Elijah Harmon), is born and raised in the streets of Harlem, New York City. He known to have an "iron fist" which is how he is known as "SCAR" in his past life on the streets of NYC. SCAR is determined to break the narrative within the street code facing a variety of obstacles throughout the city. Undercover crooked cop officer Actor Eric White(KeVeon Whitley) is receiving support from a well known active Drug Dealer actor "Da Don" Johnny Bigs(William Butler) comes with a difficult task ahead by helping 5/0 with a sticky situation. Jasmine Holmes(Emma Youte) fights her demons and fuckers her way to the top while figuring what life she wants for herself. Actor Jacob Hobbs(Dylan Kelly), an artist manager who gets caught up in a big scandal mixing business with pleasure faces challenges of being discipline and loyal. Actress Justine Fynn (Sabrina Monfared) A& R manager is figuring out who is who and making sure the business stays strong and jobs are getting done. She also have to deal with some tea coming for her ass. Actress Mia Briggs, single mom, is facing hardships such as pain,rape, judgmental bull shit, while working to pursue her big dreams by never giving up. She still comes out swinging but will she make it or fall into the trap by being a product of the streets or entertainment business. The one things they all have in common will be testing their strength and weakness through discipline and honor .Only way to find out is to stay tuned.......


Seeking new talent for upcoming projects. Filming begins summer of  July 11th 2020 for a Pitch Pilot Rated R drama Film. Actors and Actresses 18 years and up are welcome to apply. No experience necessary but it is a plus NOT a must

- Headshot with experience listed( if applies)


- Contact name and phone number


- Social media links with acting information and examples (if unable to provide reel)


Please note, your casting is confirmed only when you receive an invitation to attend. Submit an email to


with two photos. One headshot and one full body photo.




Once your information and photos are received you will receive more information. All autditions will take place VIA ZOOM!

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