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C.E.O. Elijah Harmon




Introduction CEO:


Mr. Elijah Harmon  represented/managed Soul4Real platinum Group until 2011. Mr. Harmon was penned the name “The Book of Elii” by Soul4Real and has been using his well-deserved nickname in the music industry today. 


Mr. Harmon is Alumni from Monroe College in Bronx, New York. Majoring in Business Management and minoring in Communications, Mr. Harmon utilizes his educational background with the combination of his love and drive for the business to give the very best service to his clients.  Elijah being Business minded and  great Family man, he treats members of his business like family. Elijah greatest desire has been to create  a business where you can feel at home 24/7.


The Book of Elii, is a man of Substance, a visionary and godly person who shines through his Hard work and dedication. He delivers a glimpse of who he is today and a sneak peak who he will be tomorrow.


The Book of Elii loves giving back through Fundraising, Charities, Development Programs and Outreach for women and children.

Elijah created an outreach and empowerment program called THE WOEM  (Women of Empowerment), that caters towards women in need, acknowledges the strength in all women, and encourage her mind, body. and spirit.

Check for Elijah’s Interviewing Celebrities @(YOUTUBE Channel: Harlemvetz11) 


Annually, Mr. Elijah Harmon gives back to his community by providing food and clothing to homeless individuals. Mr. Harmon has been born and bred in the fashion and music industry and finds himself a ten year veteran in the business. Elijah’s love for the industry has led to his many dedicated years as a booking manager, an event coordinator, and he enjoy being a host and interviewing celebrity clients in addition to his many talents.


Here is a picture of Elijah Harmon and His Mother around the time when his mother introduce the Entertainment world to him at the world Famous Apollo Thearter. 


If you need Bookings, Management, Consultant, Media or Business Development, Elii is your man to contact Trust !

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